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Dear EBACS Families,

It is an honor to introduce myself as the principal of the extraordinary East Brooklyn Ascend (EBACS) community. This work is deeply personal, and I promise to ensure that your children are valued, affirmed, and challenged at our school. At EBACS we animate our scholars’ natural sense of wonder, and encourage them to reach beyond the stars. We know that they are capable of exceptional things, and we provide the support they need to reach their full potential.

My mother immigrated from Belize City and raised my sister and I on her own. Despite the many challenges she faced as a single mother, she continued to work toward a better future for her children. She especially believed in the power of our education. Growing up, I saw school as a place of possibilities - a place where I had the power to challenge any limits placed on who I  was and who I could become. I continue to see education in this way, and hope to provide your children with tools to unlock possibilities for themselves and their community. Thank you for trusting me with their education, we promise to strive each day to be worthy of your confidence.

I bring a depth of experience in elementary education and school leadership to this role. In my years as a teacher and school leader, students achieved exceptional academic results performing at the top 1 percent of students across New York State. Learning is enhanced when student identity is represented and celebrated. While I care deeply about our scholars’ academic growth, I also strive to create holistically affirming learning spaces and ensure that children see their identities reflected and celebrated in the curriculum. I am proud of the work that I have done thus far, but find the greatest fulfillment serving in the role of principal. 

I promise to nurture an inclusive school community where all children are empowered to dream of new possibilities for themselves and for the world. Thank you for choosing our school, we look forward to working in partnership this year!


With love and gratitude,

Ms. Sanchez


East Brooklyn Ascend Charter School

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School Principal 

Shanice Sanchez


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Jarod Groome


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Tenille Faria


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Delia Wallace


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